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Being ready for the day on the water is critical, and finding the right tackle shop can make the world of difference. Ever want to know what the fish are biting on without having to try everything in your tackle box? find a tackle shop that will help with that, and you'll improve your odds of having fun and reeling in something for the trophy wall.


Purchase your Bait Dipper at these fine Locations

Auburndale, Florida

Hudson, Florida

Authorized dealers
 of the
Bait Dipper

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Local Bait and Tackle Shop

Now, there's no way around it - if you want to catch fish, you're going to need bait. These businesses will sell you the bait, and maybe even throw in some helpful tips if you want them. Most will also sell tackle, maps, fishing licenses, ice, snacks and beverages.

Bait Shop

Purchase your Bait Dipper at these fine Locations

St.Petersburg, Florida
Dunedin, Florida
Tarpon Springs

bait buckets, Live Wells, Bait Kits and fishing tackle that will Withstand time

If you want to keep your Bait Alive Longer and Healthier than any other conventional method on the market.
Check out the

 Bait Dipper Bait Life

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Live Bait
Fishing Tackle Live Bait The Bait Dipper  Bait Life
This All-in-One Bait Kit is a unique patented design for keeping your bait alive. If you are serious about keeping your bait alive and healthy plus Catch more Fish, this product is for you. You can find this product at the shops listed above.

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Live Bait for more details

If you are serious about keeping your Bait for an extended period of time this is the one for you.
Check out the

 Bait Dipper Bait Saver

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Save My Bait
Bait Shops with the Bait Saver The Bait Dipper  Bait Saver
The Bait Saver is step up in the fishing and tackle industry. Like the Bait Life the Bait Saver allows you to keep your bait alive for extended periods of time with its plug-in adaptors both for 110v and 12v.

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Save My Bait for more details

If  you need to chill your bait on hot days
Check out the

 Bait Dipper Bait Keeper

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Keep Bait Alive
Fishing Tackle and Bait Shops The Bait Dipper  Bait Keeper
This perfectly designed livewell bait kit is made for fishing on extremely hot our cold days. With is added features ( neoprene wrap and ice ring ) you can maintain the water temperature and use the 110v and 12v adaptors.

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Keep Bait Alive for more details

If you love to fish from your Kayak
Check out the

 Bait Dipper Extreme K1

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Bait Buckets and Tackle for Kayaks The Bait Dipper  Extreme K1
Is a Live Well that bungees onto the back of your kayak with a removable bait strainer to allow you to deliver your bait to your lap and an easy drop back system that slides back into your container. No more dragging bait pails or trying to reach back and catch a bait.

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Kayak for more details

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Bait Dipper is the #1 live bait kit for your live bait needs

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We have refined the products that we carry for the most effective tackle and lures for our local area. We don't sell what works everywhere else but rather what works best right here. 

catching fish is our specialty

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